Level Specific Rules

  1. All scenes are enacted in the wilderness without physically protective structures aside from those that naturally occur in the wild.
  2. You may spend no tokens in this phase of play.
  3. Only the two initial cards may be drawn in this phase of play.

The Goal of Phase One

The goal of this phase of play is to explore the basic nature of your character and their relationships with the other characters. Don't worry too much about trying to guide the story in any particular direction, instead just play off of one another and see what comes about from the unique characters you are playing. Often some of the interactions will help offer a direction for the subplots of phase two.

Initiating Play

To start play, do the following:

  • Draw one Social card from the sidebar. This displays the initial social structure of your race beyond the basic information found in character creation.
  • Draw one Sickle card from the sidebar. This represents the first innovation or tool of your budding civilization on it's path as a self-aware species.

Once both cards are drawn and known to all players, you begin play. As mentioned in the rules, you should already know who is starting and what the order of the players is. Player 1 may choose any number of other players to begin an initial scene. It is recommended that this number usually be limited so that no more than three players are involved in any one scene on average.

When the scene logically concludes through the parting of ways or other means, the next player then selects other players and begins a new scene. This pattern continues until each player has had the chance to initiate a scene. This concludes the first round of play.

Moving Forward

All players should discuss if the felt that every character had been properly established in who they initially are. If the answer is no, a new round may be begun. If the answer is yes, then players should click the arrow below and move to the next phase of play. The maximum number of rounds that can be played in phase one of the game is 3, so even if at the end of the third round, someone feels something needs further exploration the game will still move forward and that exploration can occur within phase two.

Progress Play
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