Level Specific Rules

  1. Every second round, draw a Wild card along with the other starting cards. This means that a Wild card is drawn on rounds 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on until the end of this phase of play. The Wild card represents a recent event beyond the control of your race that has helped shape some of the recent developments or losses.
  2. Players may spend tokens as per the token chart at any time allowed beginning at the start of this phase of play.
  3. Each round, a new territory may be claimed as part of the living area of your species on the planet as long as the requirements of that territory are met. You may only enter territories adjacent to those you have already claimed unless otherwise noted.
  4. Structure cards may be drawn at the start of each round after the Sickle card that allows for the building of structures has been drawn at least once. This is the sort of structure(s) that each scene should take place in. They need not be the exact same structure for each scene in the round, but each should fit within the nature of the structure card drawn unless altered through tokens.

The Goal of Phase One

The basic goal of this phase of play is to explore the way the characters interact with one another while reacting to the slow changes in their world. Each round is a new set of lives, but the same persistent current flowing through the story as was established in each prior round. If in round one of phase two, your character greatly insulted another player, that insult may differ in nature now, but will still have happened in some form in this new continuity.

The characters and players alike must struggle with the changes brought on by both the effects of the Wild and the Sickles developed through their own ingenuity. The familiar and the unfamiliar war with one another for the hearts of the characters and it is through the dramatic struggle, that they make even greater discoveries about who they are.

Every extreme emotion is fair game and one is likely to wrestle with many on their path of discovery. At the core, no matter what story is told or how the scenes play out, it is always about the individual characters and how they relate to the things around them. Your goal should not be just to amass points, but rather to explore this alien race to the fullest.

Initiating Play

To start play, do the following:

  • Draw one Social card from the sidebar. This displays the initial social structure of your race as it has changed moving into the present age at the start of each round. Each new round is a new society, removed by both geography and time.
  • Draw one Sickle card from the sidebar. This represents the latest innovation in the recent past and may tie directly into Social shifts. Connecting the two, or even three in the case of every second turn where Wild comes into play, can create a very interesting theme for the round.

Moving Forward

Phase ends only after one of the following has occurred:

  1. All players are out of tokens. This represents a complacency in their people as a whole. Life has grown comfortable through their own work and there is less and less need to push forward.
  2. 6 Sickle cards were drawn by any number of players (not including the initial card for that round) within a single round. This is a rapid burst of exploration and discovery. It is akin to an industrial boom or digital revolution. It brings things to the cusp of major discoveries.
  3. If every single Sickle card has been drawn at least once (so that all of the first level Sickles are marked as allowed for that race). This represents the race having explored the vast possibilities within the confines of their resource limited world and being ready to move into even greater things.

When the end of phase two has come, it will be time to move to phase three and begin coming to conclusions regarding the ongoing subplots and overall path of self-discovery that has spanned generations. Press the arrow below to move forward.

Progress Play
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