Level Specific Rules

  1. There are two rounds total in this phase, not including the individual character conclusions.
  2. Player Tokens are reset to 2 each. Tokens may be spent only to influence outcomes or cooperate and can not be spent on cards. Once spent, the tokens can not be restored.
  3. No other cards may be drawn in this phase of play aside from those noted under initiating play.

The Goal of Phase One

In the first round, the scenes are meant as a climax to the plots and situations connected to their interpersonal relationships. It is the point in the game where characters resolve whatever they can through their final scenes.

When the second round begins, this is a sort of cool down. Scenes are likely to be short and tie up loose ends. There should hopefully be a focus on how the characters have grown and on the sense of discovery.

At the end of the second and final round, each player takes a moment to explain how their character reacts to the sudden arrival of humanity from space. It is a moment portrayed through description rather than playing the role and is meant to segue into the epilogue.

Initiating Play

To start play, do the following:

  • Each player draws a Social card. Cooperate with the other players to decide which cards relate to the culture at the time of Phase three's start. There could be societal conflicts or maybe some strange unification of ideas. Try to include aspects of what you have created as a group about the culture through play. Once this is decided, begin the final rounds.

Moving Forward

Phase ends only after one of the following has occurred:

  • Once both rounds have concluded and the final summary of how the characters are reacting has been finished. At this stage, press the arrow below to move on to the epilogue.
Progress Play
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