Humanity depleted the earth's petroleum, poisoned the air and sky. Still, they eventually moved beyond the crutch of non-renewables. They found new technologies and in so doing, moved into the stars. Not all left Earth, but most did. Those who remained behind kept contact with their distant kin for centuries. Time passed and something happened to break contact.

Unmanned probes were sent to Earth and found the majority of life on the planet had perished. The largest animals left above the waves were scarcely larger than a sparrow. Even under the ocean, there seemed to be a massive extinction event. Discussions of reviving the earth began. With most of Earth's most desired resources long ago depleted , it was set aside as low priority. There were countless planets yet untapped. Earth was left to heal on its own.


Time passed. New life forms emerged and adapted. There's no record among of what happened on earth during that period. When humanity turned its attention to the world of their birth again it, was 250 million years later. The vast empire of humanity was shocked to find sentient life had developed. Intelligence of a degree unseen on any planet yet discovered. Life on other planets existed, but never self-aware. No culture and society elsewhere was beyond that of intelligent animals.

What is to follow are the recorded myth's and stories of this newly discovered culture. They are recorded as told by a representative of this new race of beings. While the species does record technical information, they have an apparent aversion to the idea of writing down their legends and history. This recording is the first time the stories have been anything but an oral tradition.

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