In this game, your name isn't set in stone. You are, in fact, playing one character and multiple characters at the same time. Each new round is a new period of time. While the character in that round shares many traits with the character in the previous round, their world is potentially quite different. This is represented through the naming method of the game.

When first creating a character, each player is asked to give a monosyllabic name. It can be a single letter or sound. Ah, B, a click of the tongue, tsu or any other number of initial sounds can be chosen. From there forward, each new round changes the name of the character slightly. In the first phase of play, try to keep the names simple with the first round of phase one being the single sound chosen. If phase one has more than one round, try to just add a bit without going past a single syllable.

When phase two of play begins, you can get more creative with the name, adding and embellishing to create something new each round. It must stay the same for that round and must always start with the same sound however. Try to make sure your starting sound differs from other players to make tracking easier. You can choose to reuse a previous name from another round that is at least one removed, but it is best if you do not as the separation of names is part of the separation of characters.

leaf-Rd.png Remember that this is not meant as reincarnation, but rather as part of a set of stories as noted in the prologue.
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