Often a vital catalyst to large cities and the ability of workers to specialize, agriculture for the sake of this Sickle refers to the growing and breeding of plants to provide more food close to home or to provide large surpluses of grain or other nonperishable foods.


The first time this card is drawn, players must decide if they wish to choose Intensive or Horticulture. Each path offers certain benefits. Players may shift to the opposite method only once, but on doing so, lose the benefit of the original path. (IE: A switch from level two intensive removes a wisdom, but adds a token to each player.) The Intensive style level 3 of Agriculture cannot be taken unless Chemistry Sickle has already been drawn.

Drawn Name Effect
1 Intensive Every player gains a token
Horticulture +1 to wisdom score
2 Monoculture Every player gains a token
Polyculture +1 to wisdom score
3 Technological Shortcuts Every player gains a token
Organics +1 to wisdom score
4+ Scientific Refinement Every player gains a token
Maturing Systems +1 to wisdom score
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