Domestication allows a species to tame and adapt another species to serve its own needs. This occurs slowly over time and is almost always reliant on using the existing nature of the animal to place a member of the domesticating species as the leader of it's group structure.


The first time this card is drawn, it simply means that the race has learned how to begin adapting species to a relationship with their own. If it is drawn for the first time after the Hunting Sickle has already been drawn, players get a bonus token. On the second time this Sickle is drawn, the players must decide if they wish to choose Intensive or Traditional. Each path offers certain benefits.

Players may shift to the opposite method only once, but on doing so, lose the benefit of the original path. (IE: A switch from level two intensive removes a wisdom, but adds a token to each player.)

Drawn Name Effect
1 NA Every player earns a token (conditions above)
2+ Intensive Every player gains a token
Traditional +1 to wisdom score
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