Fire is a powerful tool. Cooking and heating can prove vital parts of a survival strategy for your sentient race. When it reaches the stage of combustion engines, it is important to remember that this world's petroleum has been depleted and even with 250 million years, is in relatively short supply by comparison.


This card is among those that must be drawn at least once before zone 6 can be entered by any race not starting there.
The second draw is required before Metallurgy Sickle is counted. Each draw offers a token from here forward.
Draw three allows for combustion engines and self-propelled vehicles.

Drawn Name Effect
1 Fire Every player earns a token (conditions above)
2 Advanced Combustion Every player gains a token. Metallurgy can now be counted.
3+ Combustion Engines Every player gains a token. Self-propelled vehicles are now possible.
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