At the beginning of phase 2, players receive 3 tokens each. They may gain or lose tokens through cards or by the action chart below.
At the beginning of phase 3, each player receives 2 tokens, but may no longer regain them through any means.

# of Tokens Action Effect
1 Draw an additional Sickle This allows for an innovation to occur between scenes in a single round instead of at the beginning of the round. Any benefits or effects related to that Sickle go into effect immediately.
1 Draw a Structure This can only be done once structures are allowed to be drawn via the proper Sickle card. This can be done at the start of a scene to change locations or done in the middle of a scene to change locations without having to wait until the next scene or round.
2 Draw a Society This may be done only at the start of a scene where a character first appears. By doing this, that player may introduce an element of possible dissent within their society as to the nature of how it will be for the remainder of the round.
1+ Influence success If a player is taking a questionable action, they may spend one or more tokens to influence the outcome positively. Other players may chose to spend tokens to influence the play of another negatively as well, but cannot positively influence another player unless they share a scene. A positive influence token can absorb a negative influence token and the same is true in reverse so they cancel out.
1+ Cooperative Benefit At the start of a scene you are not a part of, you may spend any number of tokens to raise the number of tokens another player has to work with. The token is absorbed into the pool of the beneficiary player.
3 Draw a Wild For better or worse, the wild changes things. A player may pay three tokens to cause a Wild card to be drawn at any time and immediately affect all scenes in that round. Any effect the card lists happens immediately.

The Token section of the character sheet is there to track token gain and usage.

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